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the billKillers left to right: alex "shuai guy" roy (drums), "sir" jeremy van sluytman (bass, lead vocals), marc "jorge" montebello (guitar, backup vocals).qingdao, may 2006 Advertisements

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dream sequence…

one of the wonderful things about digital cameras is the freedom they allow in experimenting with unorthodox techniques. i often find myself indulging in pans, zooms, blurs – expensive habits on film that will cost but a slice of time with digital – well spent when a subject looks this good. how’d i do this […]

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taken from the ‘’ site..

Since eschewing life as a professional photographer in Montreal, Canada several years ago, ergman has been spending as little time working as possible whilst travelling and hanging out in North Africa, the Middle-East, and Europe. He’s since settled in Qingdao, China, where things became rather busy again, taking on managing editor duties for the redSTAR and redSAIL magazines. The former ‘Jorge’ member of the Qingdao Fab Four (‘the Cheatles’), his new band ‘the billKillers’ is now breaking wind across town and beyond ..inshallah.

marc montebello

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